Thursday, October 18, 2018

Vengeance Is Mine!

It's Thursday! Time for the third re-release in the $1 novella series. This one is what is widely considered to be my best novella: Vengeance Is Mine. I spent a couple months researching everything about Jack the Ripper prior to writing it and my attention to details, times, locations, and names of the victims contribute to making this one historical fiction. Here's the lowdown on it:

First published as part of the multi-author novella collection “Creeping Shadows” in 2009 and reprinted in Alan Draven's 2012 collection "Spooky Showcase", now a stand-alone novella: "Vengeance Is Mine."

Alan Draven’s classic re-telling of the Jack the Ripper murders—with a twist! London 1888. Jack the Ripper leaves a trail of mutilated bodies as he terrorizes the district of Whitechapel and baffles the authorities. From beyond death, one of his victims returns to haunt him and shows him the meaning of living in fear.

You can purchase it on Amazon (Kindle) and Kobo (Epub) at the links below or contact me directly to buy the PDF version. Tomorrow I'll have a special treat for you so be sure to drop by. And next Thursday will be the final $1 novella re-release and my personal favourite: The Paradigm. Happy reading!

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