Friday, October 19, 2018

Halloween: Crimson Nightmares

As promised, to celebrate the release today of the new "Halloween" film, I’m re-releasing my very own take on the series; my novella Halloween: Crimson Nightmares. Written/initially digitally published back in 2011, this 106 page novella picks up 33 years after the events of the second "Halloween" film, the night when Michael Myers terrorized Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) and the residents of Haddonfield, Illinois. It follows little Lindsey Wallace, the little girl Laurie Strode babysat, who is all grown-up now and the scars of that terrible night haunt her to this day. She’s moved to Bitternest, Louisiana to get away from her past and has been leading a quiet life. Until something inside Michael snaps and he comes looking for her on Halloween. Add to that a killer clown with an agenda of his own and it’s a Halloween you won’t soon forget. It’ll be a showdown for the ages when Michael Myers comes to the eerie city of Bitternest.

You can read online/download the FREE PDF right here. Since I don’t own the rights to the "Halloween" franchise, this one falls under “fan fiction” and it’s actually the only fan fiction I’ve ever written. "Halloween" is my favourite film of all-time so it’s fitting. I’m very proud of this tale; I think it represents some of my very best writing. Enjoy and happy Halloween!

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