Thursday, October 4, 2018

Happy October!

We've finally begun the best month of the year: October! To celebrate this magical month of autumn and all its wonders, leading up to Halloween, every week on Thursdays I'll be re-releasing an old novella as a stand-alone release digitally on Kindle and Epub via Amazon and Kobo. You can also always purchase these releases in PDF format by contacting me. They will be priced at a dollar US ($1.25 Canadian). I'll also have a few surprises throughout the month for you here and there. Let's start with the first one: Cellar Door. Here's its official synopsis:

First published as part of Alan Draven's 2010 collection The Bitternest Chronicles, now a stand-alone novella: Cellar Door.

Justis Samson, a court proofreader, picks up white noise on the recording of a transcript that he is proofreading. He hears a girl say “Help” and “Find Cellar Door” on it. He begins to dig deeper and discovers troubling details about a little girl that went missing in Bitternest. He embarks on an investigation to uncover the truth and answer the ultimate question: “What is Cellar Door?”

You can find the links below on where to buy it. Enjoy and I'll see you next week for the second re-release, The Dark Emissaries.

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