Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Paradigm

Here it is, the fourth and final "novella for a dollar" re-release: The Paradigm. Of all the novellas I've written, this is my personal favourite. It's a noir mystery with a hint of supernatural and it stars my favourite character, Jim Coffin. I've revamped/re-edited this novella--no major changes; just a bit of polish here and there--as a refresher to get ready to write my next novella, Once Upon a Time in Bitternest, which also stars Jim Coffin. I'll get started on that one in December and it'll be digitally published sometime in May of 2019. Here's the nitty-gritty on The Paradigm:

First published as part of Alan Draven's 2012 collection "Spooky Showcase", now a stand-alone novella: "The Paradigm."

In the tradition of Mickey Spillane and Donald E. Westlake comes a noir mystery set in 1984 with a hint of supernatural. Upon investigating Detective Harry Graves’ disappearance, private eye Jim Coffin finds himself on the trail of an odd bunch of characters, including a drop-dead gorgeous dame, a mad scientist, and a man who claims to be immortal. Along the way, Coffin begins having bizarre dreams about his own demise—could they be a foreboding of something sinister?

You can purchase it on Amazon (Kindle) and Kobo (Epub) at the links below or contact me directly to buy the PDF version. This completes the digital novella re-issues. I'll have one more treat for you on Halloween next Wednesday; a short story from the vault that I've revisited after 12 years. Till then, happy reading!

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