Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Dark Emissaries

Second week of the one dollar novella reprints. My novella The Dark Emissaries is now available for the modest sum of $0.99 US/$1.25 CAD. This one stars one of the supporting characters of my first novel, Bitternest, as well as the Dark Emissaries, those dark shadow beings, who first made their appearance in my short story "The Chilling Hour." Here's the official synopsis:

First published as part of Alan Draven's 2010 collection "The Bitternest Chronicles", now a stand-alone novella: "The Dark Emissaries."

Harmony Evans returns to her hometown of Bitternest for a friend’s funeral. She begins to suspect that he was murdered by something unnatural. A strange and charismatic man who only goes out at night confirms her fears and tells her there are dark beings sucking the life out of Bitternest’s inhabitants and turning them into stone. They are called the Dark Emissaries and a sign that they are but a taste of much worse things to come. Harmony will learn that she has a bigger role to play in the fight against the Dark Emissaries. Will she and her mysterious new friend find a way to defeat them before the irreparable happens?

You can purchase it on Amazon (Kindle) and Kobo (Epub) at the links below or contact me directly to buy the PDF version. I'll see you next week for the re-release of Vengeance Is Mine, my classic Jack the Ripper novella.

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