Saturday, November 11, 2023

Update on Amok's Fourth Tale...

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all! The fourth story in my Sword & Sorcery series featuring my warrior Amok is in the books and on the editor's desk as I write this. The tale is titled "Death by Misadventure" and follows Amok and Goyiir's adventures as they meet a new friend and embark on a quest to retrieve a shield from a dragon. Of course, things will go awry and mayhem ensues. There are four more tales to go and Amok's chronicles will be complete. All eight Amok tales will be published as a complete story in a print/ebook in the fourth quarter of 2024. Until then, if you haven't already downloaded/read Amok's first two tales available as a free PDF, then head over here to join the fun. I'll get cracking on Tale #5 later today. Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come!

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