Tuesday, September 25, 2018

OBLIQUE is now available everywhere!

It's release day! My new thriller, Oblique, is now available on Kindle and Epub everywhere. Follow the links below to find stores your country. You can also purchase a PDF of it directly from me by contacting me via my Facebook page here. Tonight I'll be hosting a virtual book launch; my very first live feed from 8 PM to 9ish PM on YouTube. Tune in to my YouTube channel to join in the fun. I'll do a reading of two chapters of the book as well as talk about the origins of this novel and what you can expect from me in the coming weeks. You'll also be able to purchase the book at a discounted price directly from me for the hour following the live feed. I recommend reading the first three FREE chapters beforehand so you'll enjoy the reading I'll do even more. You can find them here to read online or download to read at your convenience. I'll also be releasing a brand new short story tonight just ahead of the broadcast on the Facebook Event page for the launch and it'll be available everywhere tomorrow morning. Here's the link to my YouTube channel; I hope to see you there tonight!

Here's all the info regarding Oblique:

From Alan Draven, author of BITTERNEST and NOCTURNAL OFFERINGS, writing as Neal Vandar, comes the exciting thriller OBLIQUE...

A man has dinner at a restaurant with a woman he hasn’t seen in twenty-five years. Before they order their food, he goes to the basement washroom. When he returns ten minutes later, the patrons and staff are seemingly all dead. No signs of struggle or traces of blood anywhere. He panics and flees the scene.

Following an encounter with a group of bullies, his paranoia reaches soaring levels. Exhausted and afraid to go back home, he seeks refuge at a motel on the edge of the city for the night. When he awakens the next day, he finds himself in a completely different town, clueless as to how he arrived there. After meeting a man whose past might be linked to his, he uncovers some information that sends him on a wild quest in an attempt to get to the bottom of an incident that occurred a quarter-century ago.

He’ll be chased, shot at, lied to, and drawn into a web of mystery and confusion as he seeks the truth—and does his best not to get killed in the process.


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