Monday, December 9, 2013

Back from Pop Expo

Back from a tiring but rewarding two days at Ottawa's first Pop Expo. I did it again. Sold out another convention ... well, almost. Left the Ottawa Pop Expo with only one book unsold and I'm positive I would've sold it had I stayed until the end. I left at 15:45 Sunday to head back to Montreal as we wanted to get back home for dinner, but I'm sure I would've sold that last copy within 30 minutes if I'd stayed longer. 

I was in the worst location possible, ask any artist who was there; the very last row facing the wrestling ring where half the people either turned around when they got there or were flat broke by the time they reached us. But I rose to the occasion and pitched my books to anyone who would listen with all the passion I have for my art, and book after book, the book piles grew smaller and smaller, and by Sunday afternoon, the table was empty. So in that respect, this was a very successful convention for me. But I doubt I'll do an Ottawa con again in the future. Hotel, table, and travel fees being what they are, it's just not profitable enough to do out of town conventions unless they are huge ones. If you ask most artists who were there, it was quite disappointing in retrospect, yet I still managed to have fun anyways thanks to the other artists there and to all the fans and readers with whom I had delightful conversations.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans and new readers who spent their hard-earned cash on my books and decided to take a gamble on a relatively unknown small press author; you have my heartfelt gratitude. I hope you will enjoy my books and that you will continue to follow my works; I still have a plethora of stories to tell! When you're done reading, don't be shy and drop me a line to give me some feedback on the book you read--I always love hearing from my readers.

My next public appearance will be in May 2014 for Free Comic Book Day at a yet to be determined Montreal comic book store as I'll be tagging along with the Heroes of the North crew to sign copies of the novel I wrote for them, October Dawn, which was unveiled this weekend at Pop Expo. Until then, happy reading!

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