Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

I'd like to wish all my readers a very Happy Halloween. Have a safe Halloween if you're going to be out there knocking from door to door with the kids tonight or watching a horror movie marathon. To celebrate the best holiday of the year, I've got some goodies for you.

First off, my Halloween homage novella titled Crimson Nightmares which is my take on John Carpenter's Halloween film series. It takes place 33 years after the events of Halloween II. Michael Myers comes to Bitternest, the fictitious Louisiana city where most of my stories/novels take place, and all hell breaks loose. You can download a FREE PDF of the novella here: 

Second, to celebrate the release of my new novel, Nocturnal Offerings, I'm giving you a chance to read the short story that introduced the character of Nick Kubrick, the novel's protagonist. It's a creepy little tale titled "The Chilling Hour" and was first published online in the "9 of Swords" eZine in 2008 then reprinted in my 2010 collection The Bitternest Chronicles. You can download a FREE PDF of the short story here:

And last but not least, Nocturnal Offerings, my third novel which I consider to be my absolute best, has been out for about ten days. You can show your support by purchasing a copy in print or in a plethora of eBook formats on Amazon or directly from my publisher, Black Bed Sheet Books. If you've always wanted to buy one of my books but didn't know which one to get, this is the one, folks. So very proud of this one!

Black Bed Sheet Books Alan Draven page (scroll all the way down for your choice of book format)

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