Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Crimson Nightmares

Happy Halloween everyone! As promised, I have a nice little gift for you today: Click on the link below to download my FREE novella titled Halloween: Crimson Nightmares in PDF format.

This novella is my love letter to the "Halloween" movie series. Since I don't have the rights to it, this will be an unofficial entry in the series, a piece of "fan fiction" as they say. The concept is that Michael Myers comes to my fictitious city of Bitternest, Louisiana. The protagonist is Lindsey Wallace, the little girl the Jamie Lee Curtis character babysat in the first "Halloween" film. My story takes place in present day, thirty-three years after the events of the second "Halloween" film from 1981. I've also created my own bogeyman for the occasion to join in the fun and madness; a killer clown by the name of Sid Barlowe dubbed "The Harbinger of Sorrow". The novella is 136 pages long and I believe it may just be the best story I've written yet. So enjoy and have a safe Halloween!

Download here

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