Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sinister Landscapes going out of print...

I'd like to confirm the rumors that Sinister Landscapes, the gothic anthology I edited back in 2008, is going out of print in the days to come. We were considering putting Creeping Shadows out of print as well, but since all three of us authors featured in that collection (Brandon Ford, Jessica Lynne Gardner and myself) will each have a book released this summer through Black Bed Sheet Books, we decided to keep the book in print for at least another year.

So hurry up and pick up a copy of Sinister Landscapes before it disappears forever. The book was a number one Amazon bestseller in the summer of 2008 and received glowing reviews. You can get a copy here: Sinister Landscapes

And if you're curious about checking out Creeping Shadows, the novella collection about monsters the three of us were in, you can get a copy here: Creeping Shadows

Both books are published by Pixie Dust Press

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  1. I've not seen this book before, "Creeping Shadows". I'm excited to get a copy and check it out!